Learn by making things


I am a self-taught programmer currently living in Dartmouth Nova Scotia. I first became interested in writing code back in high school when I wanted to create my own Flash games. I had no idea where to begin and in those days I didn’t have the patience to start with the basics, so I improvised. Though my code was often a hacked-together mess, I successfully built several working games. Years later, when I decided to re-learn coding starting with the fundamentals, I was pleased to discover that many basic concepts and best-practices were things I had arrived at on my own through relentless trial and error.

These days I’m much more patient and methodical, but I still believe that the best and most rewarding way to learn anything is to experiment and make mistakes. This website is an outlet for me to document my experiments, reflect on what I’ve learned, and showcase what I’ve built in my ongoing quest to learn programming.