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Ruedehue Pre-Alpha Demo

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CONTROLS: Ideally this game should be played with an Xbox controller, using ‘A’ to accelerate and the right bumper to drift. For those without Xbox controllers you can drive with the arrow keys and drift with the space bar. I can’t say for sure if other types of controllers will work because the input handling at this stage is of the just-works-enough-so-I-can-test-the-game variety.

ruedehue pre alpha screenshot

This project has come a long way from the first prototype of a capsule primitive sliding down an endless road and I’m finally ready to share a new playable demo. Unfortunately there is yet no actual racing in this racing game as this is still only a single player demo. Multiplayer split-screen racing is the final core feature that needs to be implemented and is at the top of my priority list.

Quick Race mode generates a course with some reasonable preset parameters and immediately starts a game. Custom Race mode allows you to experiment with the track generator and perhaps generate a course with some ridiculous and unreasonable parameters (large minimum length + small world size results in some tangled messes.)